Hi, my name is Jezaya Mitchell and I love to sew! Born and raised in Australia I have settled down in Bristol after travelling and working across Asia and Europe. I’ve worn a few different hats in my time and tried my hand at a range of jobs before I decided to take the plunge and start my own business in 2018. I like to think I’m a friendly and down to earth person, a good teacher who cares about people and our planet. 

There are two main aspects to what I’m trying to achieve with Sew Much More: sustainability and skill sharing. I like to think in my own small way with this business I’m helping myself and others to make the world a better place.


When we think about sustainability and clothing, clothes are often seen as a disposable item, something made quickly and cheaply you can replace when it breaks or tears. Mending, altering or upcycling your clothes instead of throwing them away, buying second hand clothes and altering them, or making your own clothes are all ways we can avoid this disposable mindset and have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Skill Sharing

Sewing and basic mending skills are something I think everyone should know. If you knew how to fix your clothes you wouldn’t feel the need to throw them away, or get upset if you’re favourite t-shirt gets a hole in it. I want to teach people these things so they don’t feel mystified or powerless around sewing machines and needles.

Whether it’s because you like the colour, style or sense of satisfaction from being more sustainable, wearing something which makes you happy is a small way everyone can improve the world around them.

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