• Prolong the life of your clothing
  • Stop putting up with broken zips or missing fastenings
  • Spend less on new clothes
  • Cause less waste
  • Save that favourite item
  • Deal with that mending pile in the back of your wardrobe

Your favourite pair of jeans is worn out, there are holes in awkward place but they’re the perfect fit and you just can’t find anything similar in any store. Sound familiar? Why not have them mended instead of throwing them away. Something as simple as replacing a zip, patching a hole or fixing a pocket can give your clothes a whole new lease on life as well as giving you the satisfaction of decreasing your negative impact on the environment.

I love mending clothes, and if a mend can’t be invisible it’s fun to make a feature of it. Patches don’t have to be boring and visible stitches can become and interesting feature.  Just like scars or tattoos each mend has a story to tell.

It’s sometimes cheaper to buy a new item but what is the true cost? It’s pretty common knowledge that Fast Fashion and Throw-Away culture is bad for us. Pollution from factories affects the environment we live in and we’re not paying industry workers in places like Bangladesh a fair wage. My point is that cheap doesn’t always equal better. Spending a little on repairing a favourite garment shows respect to the people who worked hard to make it, the garment itself and all the resources that went into making it.


“I was about to charity shop my much loved jacket that had a broken zip (i thought let them rag it, it’s time, we had a good run) but I tried searching for another similar one. Impossible.

Then I remembered Sew Much More! Less than a week later I have my jacket back with a fab new zip! I’m so thrilled with it! Thank you Jezaya!!! X”

Asha Ladkoo reviewed Sew Much More Bristol5 star
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