• Get the perfect fit
  • Give old clothes a new lease on life
  • Recycle old clothing
  • Re-style your wardrobe
  • Add pockets!

Are all your trousers slightly too long for you? Have you lost or put on weight and want to keep wearing your favourite clothes? Have you bought something which doesn’t fit and can’t return it? Do you love the fabric but hate the style of something you found in a charity shop?Would you like a an old favourite to live on in a new form? Having your clothes altered or upcycled is the solution!  I can advise you on what will or won’t work and give you options and ideas at different price points. From cheap and cheerful to complex and detailed I’m happy to meet your needs.

Examples of My Work

I love shopping online but sometimes you can get the size wrong, I bought this awesome jumper last year but it was huge! It had been shipped from China and I just couldn’t be bothered to go through the tricky return process and then wait several months for the replacement which may not fit either. So, I simply resized it myself, it now fits perfectly and was ready in a day instead of months!

Online shopping mishap before and after

My friend bought these dungarees in a charity shop as she loved the colour and the loose fit but they were too big. It turned out they were maternity wear which gave us a good giggle! I was able to take them in at the sides, crotch and front and now they fit her perfectly.

Maternity wear belly no more! Dungaree denim street style
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