Do you want to learn how to sew?

The basics are easy and anyone can learn. Sewing is a valuable skill which gives you the freedom to create, mend or alter your own clothing, accessories and soft furnishings.

My lessons are 1 on 1, so you’ll have my full attention at all times, you’ll never feel left out or afraid to ask a question. 

My lessons are project based so I will help you choose what you want to make and teach you how to sew as we make the project. We’ll move at your pace so you’ll never feel like the class is moving too fast or slow for you. Whether you’re a beginner, someone who wants to improve their sewing or you need help completing a project, I can help you!

My fee is £25/hr which includes all patterns, tools, fabrics, haberdashery and covid-compliant cleaning costs, as well as course notes and worksheets. I teach from 10AM to 8PM Monday to Thursday, and 10AM – 5PM on Fridays. 

You can learn:

  • Sewing machine/overlocker basics
  • How to read, understand and alter patterns
  • Different fabric types and how to handle them
  • Techniques, tips and tricks
  • How to take a pattern from a garment
  • How to mend and alter your own clothes
  • How to create your own clothing and accessories
  • How to make your own curtains, pillows and bedding
  • How to make unique gifts for friends and family

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